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Bonnie's Staging
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Silver Dollar Deck
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All Photographs by Jeff Miller of Mountain Lens


The Home Staging Market is changing. It’s no longer enough to stage a home simply to show where the furnishings should go. Today, it is necessary to go further. At a A New Day Design we not only stage, we create a “wow” factor that opens and inspires the heart and engages a potential buyer so they feel like they are already home. When this happens, the property has great value to them.


A beautiful and harmoniously staged home is a work of art. It has the capacity to connect a potential homebuyer with a deep feeling of happiness. It invites them to relax, and with that comes a deep sense of “ah”. When we feel that sense of “ah”, we are transformed. We feel happy and open-hearted . . . Home. When this happens, a buyer is perhaps more willing to overlook some minor flaws in the overall layout because they have fallen in love. The French writer Stendhal writes: “Beauty is the promise of happiness”, and what is a buyer seeking in a home other than that feeling of happiness?


At A New Day Design, we offer Home Staging and Interior Design that help your property rise to the top by creating beauty and harmony within your space. When the furnishings and the house have beauty and are in harmony, it’s as though a buyer is drawn in and feels a deep connection to your home. We, not only stage - we create a “wow” factor that inspires and opens the heart, and encourages a potential buyer to feel like they are already home . . . it makes them want to live there!  




A New Day Design is a local small business in Asheville.

Contact us at: 828.230.3549,  or info@anewdaydesign.com