A New Day Design transforms a house into a beautiful, appealing, and inspiring home by showing the home buyer how to best imagine themselves living there. Most home buyers struggle with imagining how their own furnishings might work in a given space. We show them where the sofa goes, the best placement for the TV, or how much space a bed will take in the bedroom, and suddenly their experience of a home is transformed from one of confusion and uncertainty to one of feeling comfortable and at home. We do this mindful of the delicate balance - too many furnishings and the buyer will feel like the house is too small and there is no room for their own things, and too few furnisihings and the buyer will not have the sense of proportion to determine what can actually fit. We achieve just the right balance, providing enough to inspire the buyer so they connect with the home and feel like it belongs to them.


We also stage with decor that is current and appealing so that the home buyer connects with trends that are stylish and upbeat- reflecting what they see in the modern world around them. Staging with A New Day Design creates a home showing experience that is more inviting, more upbeat, and more inspiring for the potential home buyer.




A New Day Design is a local small business in Asheville.

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