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Home Staging: Living Room



Home Selling Consultation

This helpful service consists of a detailed walk through of the property, both inside and out, in which we identify any challenges with room layout, lighting, clutter, curb appeal, and décor that lacks an appeal to buyers. We provide either the Real Estate agent or the homeowner with an easy to follow, step-by-step, plan of action. You can elect to make the changes yourself or hire A New Day Design to do them for you. Our goal is to help the home appeal to the majority of buyers by enhancing its positive features and reducing the negative so that it sells quickly and for asking price. 

Home Staging

Walking through an empty house can feel uninspiring. For a buyer, It is very difficult to determine the size, scale and function of various spaces and it can feel sterile, small, and uninviting. Home staging with A New Day Design provides the inspiration buyers need to fall in love with a property and to envision themselves living there.


A New Day Design offers the complete home staging solution for ensuring the fast sale of a property. We create an individual plan for each property, selecting color schemes and streamlined cohesive décor that appeal to its individualized market base. We have furniture, accessories, paintings, rugs, plants, and everything needed to give the property that "wow" factor and set it apart from other homes on the market.

Not every home on the market is an empty blank slate. In many cases the homeowner remains in their house throughout the selling process. With owner-occupied staging we do some or all of the following: rearranging furniture, de-cluttering, rehanging artwork, adding lighting, shopping the home for décor for repurposing, and anything else that will increase the home’s appeal to prospective buyers. In some cases, we will make recommendations for light cosmetic updates and/or the purchasing of new items. At every available opportunity we will use what is already in the home in new and creative ways to transform it into a buyer-friendly home with the most ‘wow factor’ and the least amount of investment.


Interior Design

When a homebuyer purchases a home that has been staged by A New Day Design, they often are inclined to want to either keep the furnishings that are used as part of the staging, or to incorporate that style into their new living space after they move in. With A New Day Design, both of these opportunities are available. Because we own our home staging furnishings, we are happy to allow homebuyers the opportunity to purchase the furnishings. We also offer assistance with furniture placement, paint color selection, additional new purchases, window treatments, and whatever else is needed to create their new home.


With over 25 years of experience in Interior Design, our approach is simple - good interior design has its own unique style. It serves its function well, is beautiful, and allows one to feel nurtured and at peace in one’s own home. When the interior design of a room is in harmony with the architecture and the spaces around it, then it feels luxurious. A New Day Design creates interiors that feel luxurious yet simple and personal. 

Good interior design has its own unique style. It happens when function merges with beauty in a personal and harmonious fashion. It has a complex yet delicately balanced interweaving of color, light, space, memories, furnishings, Feng Shui, and more. It serves its function well, is beautiful, and allows you to feel free, nurtured and at home in your own space.


When the interior design of a room is in harmony with the architecture and the spaces around it, then it feels luxurious. We create interiors that feel luxurious yet simple and personal. We honor and work with the pieces that you already own and and rearrange and augment them so that they are shown in the best light.


The end result is a beautiful and functional space that feels luxurious, comforting, and just the way you want it to feel.


Feng Shui

Typically when selling and staging a home, it’s all about getting the optics right . . .  what can be seen must look perfect. But what about what can’t be seen? Every home has a story to tell. By balancing the unseen energies in and around a home, we take steps to tell its story in the best possible light. It is also like a person - it has a heart. And even though the heart of a home may not be visible, you can be certain that whoever walks in the door will feel its presence. It may not even be something that they’re consciously aware of, but it will certainly end up being a factor in how well your home is received. For that reason, A New Day Designs offers Feng Shui services to clear and balance unseen energies. Think of it as Home Staging for the hidden energies in a home.


For the past 25 years Carla Beach of A New Day Design, has enjoyed designing interiors, renovations and new homes. All along she has had the sense that each home has a “feel” to it and that the feel is comprised of a combination of things: the land, the architecture, it's inhabitants, and the look and style of the interiors. Carla became certified in Feng Shui in order to know how to look at all these pieces individually, and how to balance and clear space, land, and the home in order to create the best feeling environments for my clients.


When your home is in harmony, you feel free, centered, and in harmony with life. You will notice positive shifts in your feelings about relationships, career, creativity, joy, finances, support from others, clarity, energy level, health, and experience a more grounded and overall sense of well-being.


Carla's approach is eclectic and earth centered. She practices Black Sect Buddhist Feng Shui, which incoporates many different schools of Feng Shui, such as the Form school, Compass school, and Taoism, and which incorporates knowledge of various fields such as architecture, interior design, space planning, color theory, psychology, and the healing arts to create the best possible living and working environment for an individual.

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A New Day Design is a local small business in Asheville.

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