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“What is Home Staging?”

Home staging is the process of preparing a property for sale by highlighting the house's best features and drawing attention away from the less desirable ones. Home Staging also helps buyers visualize how they can live in the home by creating a frame of reference - showing them where the furniture goes, how a room can be used, and by creating an emotional impact that draws buyers in and encourages them to fall in love with the property.


Once you’ve decided to sell your home, you have to start detaching from it, which can be difficult to do. That’s where A New Day Design comes in. You have to start looking at your home as a commodity. You have to decide whether you just want the house sold or do you want the possibility of selling it faster and for more money? It really doesn’t matter what the market is like. Statistics prove that staging a house works.”


“Does Home Staging Really Work?”

Yes, Professional Home Staging does work. National averages show that staged homes sell for 6.9% more and 50% faster than non-staged homes. The average time on the market for a home is 175 days, and after the first 30 days the asking price is often reduced by a significant amount. The average time on the market for a professionally staged home is only 35 days - and with A New Day Design it's even better - our average time on the market is just 19 days! Over 81% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s staged, and almost a third (28%) of buyers are willing to overlook property faults when the home is staged. Home Staging allows you to get top dollar for a property in a shorter amount of time. 


First impressions are everything! Studies show that only 10% of homebuyers are able to envision a home's true potential. Buyers typically decide in an average of 8 seconds if they like a property enough to enter the front door. Once inside, they decide in an average of 15 seconds if they are interested enough to seriously keep looking. A New Day Design focuses on "wowing" potential buyers from the very moment they see a listing so they fall in love with the property and feel like they have come home.


Common Staging Misconceptions:

From Janet Jones, Home Stager, Hawaii


-  “We want to test the market for 90 days”.  And on the 91st day?  Price reduction - and 90 day’s worth of potential buyers have already eliminated your property and moved on. 


-  “It costs too much money”.  Not nearly as much as your first price reduction! We have never seen a home where the staging costs would have exceeded the first price reduction.  And that doesn't even factor in the monthly carrying cost of the home.


-  “We can't stage the house, we're living in it.”  One common misconception is that staging is only for vacant homes.  Every home/condo can be staged, and you can actually live in it after staging.  


-  “We can clean the carpets and declutter without someone telling us how.”  Yes, you can (and should) do this, but it is a tiny piece of staging.  Do you know what separates "clutter" from an "asset"?  Do you know how much to pack away and how much to keep out? And what about all the other things that staging encompasses, like traffic flows, highlighting architectural features, updating, and appealing to your target market?


-  “We have no desire to remove/change our wallpaper/mirrored tile/gold faucets/paneling/dated light fixtures . . . etc.”  And neither do buyers, and that equals a price reduction. If buyers do make an offer on your home, they will double or triple the cost of these items and reflect that in their discounted offer price – which also includes a deduction for the inconvenience. 


-  “The view alone will sell this place.”  Then why many months later are these great view homes/condos still on the market?  Could it be that buyers want something to go with the view - like a comfortable, move-in ready home?


-  “Our home is professionally decorated.”  Interior Design is for living in your home, Professional Home Staging is for selling your home. A professionally decorated home is tailored to one’s particular taste and needs, not to the market in general.


“But Can You Guarantee A Property will Sell?” 

No one can make that guarantee. Staging is a very effective marketing/sales tool. It helps a property stand out from the rest and appeal to the widest audience possible. But unless the property is priced fairly for its market, and unless the homeowner does his or her part in maintaining the property, no amount of Home Staging will make a difference. We partner with the Real Estate Agent and the Homeowner as a part of the sales team to ensure that the property sells quickly and for the best price.




A New Day Design is a local small business in Asheville.

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